Saturday, 13 December 2014

Buenos Aires - Dog walkers, meat and cemeteries.

(next page: Tierra Del Fuego. Cycling north from Ushuaia to Rio Grande)

Here are some photos of Buenos Aires for you to peep...

We took a little stroll down to Jorge Newbery airport to sort out our tickets to Ushuaia.
Buenos02 Buenos03 Buenos04
Buenos05 Buenos06
We stopped off for some roadside choripan.
Buenos07 Buenos08 Buenos09 Buenos10 Buenos11
Feral Colombian football fans by the coach load. There was a massive convoy of them going wild. as there was a big cup final between River Plate and Atletico Nacional.
Vijay doing some serious rooftop chilling.
Hanging with my man Beau who I know from my days in Seoul. He is an exceptional host and took us out to some good spots and gave us plenty of advice about the city.
Buenos14 Buenos15
I love all the trees in Buenos Aires. It's a really green city, despite being quite polluted.

Buenos16 Buenos17 Buenos18 Buenos19
Dog walking is serious business in BA.

I have no idea what this sign means.

Ford Sierras still exist. They are still clearly hot property as the car alarm was blaring. Everybody wants a piece.

Buenos23 Buenos22 Buenos24
I wash my clothes with Zorro.

Cemeterio de la Recoleta 
We stumbled across this vast and fascinating cemetery while looking for a bike shop.
Buenos25 Buenos26 Buenos27
Selfie Action
Buenos28 Buenos29 Buenos30 Buenos31 Buenos32 Buenos33 Buenos34 Buenos35 Buenos36 Buenos37 Buenos38 Buenos39
That's a pretty detailed bicycle sign.

That's it for Buenos Aires. It was nice knowing you but Patagonia calls.

(next page: Tierra Del Fuego. Cycling north from Ushuaia to Rio Grande)

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