Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fukuoka, Japan - 2 days with a fold up bike.

It has taken me a while to pop this post up. Back in December my company paid for me to go on a two day trip to Fukuoka, Japan to get my visa sorted at the Korean consulate. I did this trip before in 2011 by ferry. This time I flew from Incheon airport and borrowed Gibby's fold up bike - a Dahon.

Despite being December, Fukuoka was in full autumnal swing. It was also pretty warm compared to Seoul. I didn't even take a jacket.

The flight took me over Tsushima Island (known as Daema-Do 대마도 in Korea). I previously went on a cycle trip here in 2012 with Jenny and Sean. It has some beastly mountains for cycling, but in contrast it doesn't look at all intimidating from above.

Fukuoka is an extremely cycle friendly city. I spoke to a local who seemed to disagree, but I imagine that he hasn't tried cycling in London or Seoul. Bicycles has such a strong presence in this city which is evident in the abundance of designated bicycle parking spots, such as this underground car park.

To ensure that I could get Gibby's fold up bike on the plane I bought this atrocious carrier bag for it. Personally I'm not a fan of the Union Jack, however as I was borrowing this bicycle from a Yank - and with myself being British - I felt this was a fitting gift in exchange for the loan of his bike. Remember: "a little goes a long way". I'm pretty sure Gibby will cover this up with his native stars and stripes. I'm telling you the diplomatic fall out will be intense.

Down by the canal.

Hakata style ramen down by the canal. It puts Korean ramen to shame.

More parking.

Fukuoka07 Fukuoka08
Japanese hotel bathrooms are essentially glorified portapotties. They are all plastic and miniscule. It can be difficult to manoeuvre in there. One design aspect that I love is the cistern/sink combination. After you flush the toilet you can wash your hands in the clean water that will be used to fill the cistern. No wastage! I think this is brilliant design, although I am sure it seems bizarre to most Europeans.

Fukuoka09 Fukuoka10 Fukuoka12
I love the name of this bike.


Ohori Park: 
Gibby's Dahon fold up bicycle. I used to own one and highly recommend them.

Fukuoka15 Fukuoka16

Fukuoka Castle Ruins:
Fukuoka18 Fukuoka19 Fukuoka20 Fukuoka22 Fukuoka23 Fukuoka24
Live to lurk,

This would be an amazing skate spot. A perfect transitioned tree planter.

Fukuoka26 Fukuoka27
Fukuoka28 Fukuoka29
Fukuoka30 Fukuoka31
Fukuoka32 Fukuoka33
I couldn't get enough of this place. I ate far more than you can see. This place was cheap. The food was fresh and the English touch screen menu meant it really simple to order. I ate far too much. Next stop: the ramen stands by the fish market.

Fukuoka34 Fukuoka35 Fukuoka36
There were plenty of places to choose from but I chose this place as I admired their style - photobombing my shot.

Fukuoka37 Fukuoka38 Fukuoka40
No bicycle parking? YEAH RIGHT!

On my previous trip to Fukuoka in 2011 Jenny and I didn't visit many temples. I more than made up for it this time...
Fukuoka41 Fukuoka42 Fukuoka44 Fukuoka48

Fukuoka49 Fukuoka51 Fukuoka52
A healthy breakfast from the street. You've got to keep those calories up.

Fukuoka53 Fukuoka57
Wedding photos.

Fukuoka58 Fukuoka59 Fukuoka61 Fukuoka62 Fukuoka63 Fukuoka64 Fukuoka65 Fukuoka66
Fukuoka68 Fukuoka69
Fukuoka70 Fukuoka71 Fukuoka72 Fukuoka73 Fukuoka74 Fukuoka75 Fukuoka76 Fukuoka77 Fukuoka78 Fukuoka79 Fukuoka80 Fukuoka81 Fukuoka82 Fukuoka83 Fukuoka84 Fukuoka85 Fukuoka86 Fukuoka87
Big window "self portrait" or "selfie" as they have become known.

(photo credit: my left hand)

More bicycle parking!
Fukuoka90 Fukuoka91 Fukuoka92 Fukuoka93 Fukuoka95
The ACROS building has an interesting tiered rooftop with gardens on every level. It's a nice touch as it is next to Tenjin Park and it is nice to see efforts made to create a a building in harmony with its surroundings.

Fukuoka96 Fukuoka97 Fukuoka98

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  1. Don Cass, you remembered me my visit to Fukuoka in 2011. I've been many of those places. Nice snaps dude.