Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Nottingham to Southsea Cycle!

It's all change right now. Time to bolt out of Nottingham, or rather, trundle along slowly. How should I get to Southsea to start my new job? Cycling, of course!

Southsea_ride01 Southsea_ride02
Stilton and pork pies!!! Melton Mowbray.
Southsea_ride03 Southsea_ride04 Southsea_ride05 Southsea_ride06 Southsea_ride07
Very fine cycling path courtesy of Sustrans Route 6.
Southsea_ride08 Southsea_ride09 Southsea_ride10 Southsea_ride11 Southsea_ride12 Southsea_ride13 Southsea_ride14 Southsea_ride15
Roadkill Fox.
Southsea_ride16 Southsea_ride17 Southsea_ride18 Southsea_ride19 Southsea_ride20 Southsea_ride21 DSC04110 Southsea_ride22 DSC04111 DSC04112 DSC04114 DSC04119 DSC04120 Southsea_ride23
The reward!

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