Thursday, 17 January 2013

Butchered Brooks Saddle

I've put over 2000 km on my Brooks Flyer Special. It's safe to say that it's completely broken in. My sitbones feel great on it, but after 60+ km my man bits don't feel so good. I've ridden both a B17 Imperial and a Selle Anatomica. While they are both very comfortable saddles, I must say that I prefer the feel of the Selle Anatomica cut out.

Today I took the plunge, bought a craft knife and modified my Brooks Flyer Special. Sacrilege? Maybe. When you're unemployed you'll do anything to keep yourself occupied. I tried to modify the saddle as closely to the Selle Anatomica as possible.

Here's one I made earlier!
Butchered Brooks
Selle Anatomica vs Butchered Brooks
Here's how it compares to the Selle Anatomica. The cut outs are almost exactly the same size. The steeper angle of the Brooks makes its cut out seem longer than it is.

I'm surprised at how decently it turned out. I thought I might make a right pig's ear of it, but it turned out quite nicely. I simply measured out all of the dimensions and marked them out on the saddle with a pen. At first I lightly scratched on the surface and slowly went deeper and deeper. On the straighter lines the craft knife cut through the leather with ease, the curves were a little trickier and a touch messier. Once I had cut out the centre I lightly shaved off a little more to smooth the finish off, then gave it a little sanding. Finally I put some Proofide treatment to seal it and protect it from the elements.

I'll let you know how it rides later.


  1. Nice work there! My name is Tyler and I've been here in Gwangju for a year now. I've logged a few kms on my intro Giant road bike that I picked up here at LePak. Would love to join a group ride when the weather warms up...

    1. I would love to, but I left Gwangju. I'm currently in the UK though and have no immediate plans to return. It's a cool city though.

      I can put you in touch with a friend of mine if you like?

  2. Thinking about doing this to mine, thanks for sharing!