Friday, 20 July 2012

Tsushima Island!

Holiday fever is starting to build up! I have only 2 weeks left of work before FREEDOM! That's right, my contract is up, so I will be officially unemployed as of August 3rd. I'm really going to miss working at my university and living in Gwangju, but I'm boiling up with excitement about my impending 5+ month vacation.

First up: Tsushima Island! I mentioned going on a cycle trip to Tsushima Island (Daemado 대마도 to Koreans) before, but it never came to fruition. This time I have no excuse. Jenny and Sean will be joining me so it should be a fun trip! Tsushima is a small Japanese island located just off the south coast of Korea. It's only about 100km long, but it is supposed to be very hilly indeed. It's remote, so we're going to have to take a load of supplies with us. It's time to stock up on ramen.

Due to time constraints we're going to take the bus from Gwangju to Busan and catch the ferry over to Tsushima. The plan is to spend about five days on the island before returning to Busan. Once back on Korean soil we plan on cycling back to Gwangju before setting sail to Kuala Lumpur to start our travels in South East Asia.

Map of Korea/Tsushima (Daemado)
Tsushima in relation to Korea. "Proper close, like".
Map of Tsushima Island. 2031 x 4453 px
Map of Tsushima (2031 x 4453). I couldn't find any good maps of Tsushima online, so I made this from screen grabs off google maps for people to download. It's not a big island, but it should pack a punch!

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