Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Boseong Green Tea Fields

Green tea, green tea noodles, green tea shakes, green tea ice creams, green tea jjigae and even GREEN TEA MAKKOLI! Boseong is famous for one thing - a one sided menu.

Green tea is the order of the day in this region of Korea. Boseong tea fields are quite a vision, not least for the bus loads of day-glo grannies, but also for it's beautiful vistas. Row after of green tea bushes climb all the way up to the top of a very steep hill with spectacular views all the way to the ocean.

Green Tea Fields Green Tea Fields Green Tea Fields Green Tea Fields Green Tea Fields
Unfortunately I accidentally switched on the date stamp and ruined some of these photos. Sorry!
Green Tea Fields Green Tea Fields colour
Okay, this isn't green tea, but it is very green. Spring just exploded in South Korea!
blooming trees Flowers Menu
So the menu reads...

Green Tea kimchi jjjigae (the pigs were fed green tea)
Green Tea Sujaebi
Green Tea Naengmyeon (cold noodles)
Green Tea Makkoli!

I treated myself to a green tea milkshake which went down a treat on such a hot day. I also bought a couple of bottles of the Green Tea Makkoli which Sean and I later took a  for a spin. They were both scrumptious and potent!

The bus from Gwangju to Boseong cost 7,800 KRW and took about 1 hour 30 mins. From there you can get a local bus for 1,000 KRW or grab a cab. If you can, go on a week day because it can get very busy at the weekend.

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