Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Week of waiting...

Actually this week is going really quickly, I can't believe it's Wednesday already. Two good things are happening  this week. Firstly, my camera is getting mended! I'm going to pick it up from Keumho World today. Unfortunately it's going to cost me 173,000 KRW (about 90 quid). Secondly, I'm going to get my bike finished!

I'm going to head up to Seoul on Friday night so I can be up in good time on Saturday. I'll be heading to Phil's Shop where he is going to build it in front of my very own eyes! Hopefully I'll learn a thing or two about assembling bikes so I won't get in too much trouble if I ever need to do some repairs on the road. I'll will be splattering this wall with photos of the new ride on Sunday, that's a promise. I have yet to give the bike a name. My folding bike is called "Rusty Steve". My Giant bike remains anonymous. Suggestions for names would be much appreciated. Maybe Gordon.

Unfortunately my trip to Seoul coincides with St Patrick's Day. It's not my favourite day of the year. I will be trying to avoid Itaewon at all costs. Drunk ex-pats pretending to take an interest in Ireland is not my cup of tea. Nobody goes hogwild for St Andrew's day, or St David's day. Oh well.


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    1. Pete suggested "Russell" because the 8km ride to that town destroyed me the first time I did it!

      I was thinking Gordon, or Arthur.