Monday, 19 March 2012

Donhou Expedition Bike: COMPLETED.

Django is born!

It's been a while in the making, but now my Donhou expedition bike is complete!

Django on the Han

Django on the Han

Birds all over Django!

Birds all over Django!

I went to Phil's shop in Seoul (Dongdaemun Gu) to get the beast assembled. It's a sturdy ride! I spent the day watching Phil assembling the bike. That was my choice as I thought I might learn a thing or two. It was to be a long day! It was a busy afternoon in the shop: a lot of customers, a lot conversation and LOADS of cake. Yes, cake.

I decided to call the bike Django for two reasons. Firstly it was a beautiful sunny day when it got built and I was listening to Django Reinhardt. Secondly, Django is one of the best western movies I have ever seen and he is a complete badass. Also it has an epic theme tune which I can sing whilst riding!

I took Django for a spin around Seoul yesterday. He rides like a dream - not one of those dreams where I'm being chased and gunned down for murdering someone. I also did a spot of shopping, so I splashed out on a Supernova E3 Pro iris lens dynamo headlamp (see below). It cost an arm and a leg, but it is BRIGHT. I tested it out on the ride home from Gwangju Station and I was impressed. I might have to take it for a whirl in the countryside one night to see just how bright it gets.

I'll be updating my expedition bike page with more nerdy details and photos ASAP.

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