Thursday, 15 March 2012

Big Dogs and Camp Dancers

SUNSHINE! Winter is finally losing it's grip on Korea, thank God! I've got a pretty sweet schedule this session. I have a 5 hour break on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I'll be able to fit in a lot of weekday riding. Today I did the Lake Loop in reverse. It seems to be much more difficult when done in reverse, but that could just be because I'm not used to doing it that way.

I've started skateboarding again, but I don't think my knees like it that much as they were being a little cranky today. I'm pretty disappointed as I was hoping to get back into skating. Hopefully the knee aching will be temporary.

Big Dog 1
I spotted these HUGE (for Korea) dogs at a farm on the route. This one was going nuts yapping its head of until I pulled my camera out. He's scared of being papped whilst causing trouble on the streets!

Big Dog 2
However this fella just rolled over and started basking in the sunshine. He needs to start grafting and do his job properly or he'll end up in some 멍멍탕 (woof woof soup).

Gwangju Reservoir
Glorious! Bit dusty though. Not the clearest skies.

Jin's Dancing Studio! 
This is the most flagrant display of campness I have ever seen in Korea. This makes my day every time I cycle past it. I always forget that it's there and then BOOM! It's high time I started taking some dance classes here. I'm not sure what your average Korean would make of this poster. Most of my students boldly claim that there are no "gays" in Korea. In fact there isn't really a concept of camp in this country which explains the style of the majority of male K-Pop stars. It's like Take That in the nineties; you look at it now and you wonder who it's marketed at.

But seriously, look at those clothes! What I'd give to get my hands on a set of those. Imagine the reaction if I donned them during a discussion class. I feel a lesson plan coming on!

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