Thursday, 16 February 2012

Colour Schemes (saddle and handlebar tape)

I have a dilemma, but it's not all that critical.

Now I'm starting to get the parts together, what colour saddle/handle bar tape should I go for? My frame is British racing green. Do I go for black or antique brown to compliment it? A trivial matter, I know, but it still plays on my mind. Have a peep at the saddles below.


  1. Brown obviously! any Johnny come lately can get their bone idle hands on a black saddle. What say's classic England more than Green & brown?
    Green for the the green and pleasant landscape. Brown for the empire (rip) and it's millions of inhabitants that were ruthlessly exploited, oppressed and butchered all for Queen and country. Then you will just need some tweed jacket colored peddles and maybe a pump in the shape of a fox's severed head to finish off the look.

    1. Ditch the tweed, but I might fashion a helmet/cape from the skin of a fox, or perhaps something endangered - maybe an otter?

  2. Yeah get your riding boot's on get down the zoo and kick ones face off for Bernard Matthew's