Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Kuala Lumpur - First Impressions

Jenny and I have been in Kuala Lumpur for a day or two now and... it's HOT!!!

It had been snowing as we left Gwangju on Saturday, so this weather is in stark contrast. I'm sweating like a rapist in a nunnery. However the aircon is more powerful that anything I've ever experienced. While riding the LRT yesterday I almost froze my feet off. Flip flops and Malaysian aircon do not go together well.
We've been staying at Nicola's apartment (see above). It's palacial. It's located near Bangsar Village, an ex-pat shopping area. Jenny and I have been loving the supermarkets. We can buy all sorts of stuff here that we couldn't dream of getting in Seoul: CHEESE, a plethora of different teas, marmite, all the British condiments you could imagine, CURRY...

This is the view from Nicola's spare room where Jenny and I are crashing...

and this is the view at night (different direction)

Greg is also out here on a work trip. His company have work offices in Kuala Lumpur. He's been put in a 5 star hotel, but the best bit is that it is in the middle of a strange resort/theme park. He has a water park out the back! When we visited him the first thing we saw when we pulled up in a taxi to was this ridiculously large Lions Head in front of a giant pyramid. The place is covered in more Christmas decorations than I have ever seen. I didn't realise a Muslim country would go so nuts for Christmas.


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